The products furniture of company is a group of PVC and PU without limiting the thickness and color. Texture curve and flat fabric is used in

this group of products. Depending on the final product quality, elasticity and toughness of the fabric is very important. Usually, the print and

polish in furniture products must be used concurrently, because of prevention of sweating. This type of product use in cover of office

furniture and home furniture
This group of products includes dashboard covers, floor and roof car, seat covers, car shades. The production process follows the standard

car which has been considered. Due to high quality, the fabrics must have a particular functionality. For this reason, we use fabric selvedge
with good elasticity and high density in most automotive Productions.
Leather clothing based on PVC and PU are one of the products that are available in various colors and designs. Usually, in this industrial

production, use viscose fabrics which has less elastic and more capable of shrinkage..
This category of products, which is produced from one to five millimeters thick that are used in the cabinet, halls, bathrooms and toilets

Use of this product is resistant to slip on a variety of surfaces.