Foamkar manufacturing company to produce all kinds of synthetic leather and sheets of PVC and PU in 1981, relying on experience with a long

history of technology on global quality of itsproducts has  made great strides.The company aims to develop self-sufficiency in production

technology quality products, more than a century of experience in the service of industry of Iran. For the purpose of objective by

utilizing the latest scientific and technological achievements in the field of laboratory equipped raised by use of the last technology largest

manufacturersin this sector administration is in Iran’sindustry.
Foamkar is located in field of 10000 m2 and 7000 m2 shed which is used

in product and storage, 400 m2 of area is divided to office are, gas station, utilities 1000 kw with specific post.


-A Device coating 4 HD from Italy


-Five Device Mixer & Vacuum


-Four Device Mill 1&3 Rolls from Italy


-A Device Control Unit Transfer Paper


-Two Device Ambos Machine


-A Device 1color Printing from Italy


-A Device Calendar from Korea


-A Device Banbury


-A Device Hot Blender from Korea


-A Device Hot Blender from Iran


-Two Device Mixing roll From Korea


-A Device 4 color printing From Korea


-Tow Device Buffing From Italy and Germany


-A Device Full Stenter from Korea with Blade from Italy


-A Device Roll CoatedThree Device Tombled


-A Device Vacuum Ambos


-Three Device Boiler from Italy, Korea, Iran


-Three Device Lifterak


-Two Device Heating Installation


-Ten Device Tankers 300Ton D.O.P


-Ten Device 500 kg up to 2.5 ton crane


-Three Device Packaging machines & fabrics opener


-Twenty Device Caldrons for Creating Material


-Two Device Shaver and Shaper


-Two Device Saws, Drills, Radial, Pars Compressor


-Six Device Chiller and dispenser


-Water transfer pumps, Lathe Accessories, Welding machine


-Installations for water, air tank, pool


-Three Device Car